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Why Companies Are Migrating To AWS With a Trusted Partner


If you’re reading this article, you’re likely already considering an AWS migration for your company. You already have a handle on some of the perks migrating to AWS can have on your business but are reluctant considering how much disruption nearly every industry experienced within the last year or more. Rather than opting for more change, you might consider holding on to what you know until this period of disruption comes to an end.

In actuality, it’s never been more critical for your company to have rock-solid, reliable workloads in a secure environment to keep business running smoothly, and that means making a change. Now, more companies are migrating to AWS with a trusted partner for peace of mind and to make sure the migration is done right. Read on to find out why.

Agility & Swift Scalability

Because of recent disruption, many organizations are seeking scalability. The ability to instantly access resources in an AWS cloud environment and turn them down just as easily helps IT organizations respond to opportunities and helps control fluctuating costs. While companies can’t fully anticipate these fluctuations, they can prepare for a quick response.

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At a global scale, companies are innovating faster after moving from on-premise to the cloud. AWS has 175+ fully featured services to leverage so you can enhance innovation and digital transformation quickly.

Improved Data Security

Privacy and data security is a significant pain point for companies. With AWS, companies control where their data is stored, who can access it, and what resources an organization is consuming at any given moment. Plus, continuous monitoring for near real-time security information ensures that the right resources have the right access at all times, wherever your data is stored. AWS allows you to automate manual security tasks so you can shift your focus on your current and time-sensitive challenges, like scaling and innovating your business.

Take Note of Your Responsibilities

Before migrating workloads to AWS, be sure you understand your data security responsibilities. In their Shared Responsibility model, AWS draws a clear distinction between the security of the cloud (their responsibility) and security in the cloud (your responsibility).

Security of the cloud – AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs AWS services in the AWS Cloud. AWS also provides you with services that you can use securely.

Security in the cloud – Your responsibility is determined by the AWS service that you use. You are also responsible for other factors, including the sensitivity of your data, your organization’s requirements, and applicable laws and regulations.

Security in the cloud is a lot like security on-premise without the costs of maintaining hardware and facilities. With the cloud, there’s no need to manage physical servers or storage. Instead, you get access to software-based security tools to monitor and protect the flow of information into and out of your cloud resources.

Companies are going for a ‘best of both worlds’ route, as AWS Cloud allows you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment and paying only for the services you use. This means that you can have the security you need at a lower cost than in an on-premise environment.


One reason companies are seeking out migration is for regulatory requirements. In any industry, there are government regulations that companies should adhere to when handling their data. Cloud Compliance with AWS enables you to understand the controls in place to maintain an adequate level of compliance while moving from internal to external security where many factors could be out of your control.

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By tying together governance-focused, audit-friendly features with applicable compliance or audit standards, AWS Compliance enablers build on traditional programs. This helps you establish and operate in an AWS security control environment.

More: See how Opti9 helped GHX stay compliant with growing demand.

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization is the primary reason for 47% of enterprises’ cloud migration. Switching to the cloud alongside a trusted partner lets you offload a lot of your team’s heavy lifting. And, those who migrate to AWS can experience 62% increased IT staff productivity. With tight budgets, this is a game-changer for many companies.

Wasted time managing infrastructure

Customers obtain 30-50% cost savings, on average, by migrating to the cloud. This frees up resources for you to focus on promoting your company’s key differentiator in your market. The pay-as-you-go model of the cloud offers tremendous cost savings and markedly improved ROI, but to see these incredible benefits, your team must spend their valuable time on continuous monitoring and analysis. At Opti9, we believe there are better ways to use your time. With a trusted partner, you can reduce your spend by:

  • Leveraging the latest technologies
  • Analyzing all available resources
  • Managing reserves instances (RIs) to conserve spend
  • Achieving strategic cost-reduction with no loss in efficiency

Do I Need a Partner?

The transformation from aging systems to newer and better ways of doing business isn’t as simple as recognizing the benefits. While migrating to AWS, a partnership with Opti9 can help your company go from idea to reality, from good to great, from bogged down to creative freedom.

At Opti9, we believe that digital transformation is more than just “switching technologies.” It’s about fundamentally changing the way you bring value to your customers. The goal is to solve your business problems with a plan that aligns objectives with business goals, incorporates IT and business leadership, embraces adaptive and agile processes, and allows for execution across the enterprise.

No matter where you are in the journey to the cloud, Opti9 is there with proven best practices, tested expertise, and modernization tactics. Every migration starts somewhere. Start yours with Opti9.

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