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Opti9 Joins Forces with Mediaplanet to Emphasize The Importance of Digital Security


Arguably, the most widely discussed topic in the tech world today is digital security, and with good reason. The landscape of the digital world is constantly changing and becoming more advanced each and every day. That said, digital security is a concept that every business and individual needs to concern themselves with to remain protected.

This month, Opti9 (formerly "opti9") joined forces with Mediaplanet on its Digital Security campaign. The campaign focuses on the newest methods and best practices in cybersecurity, and breaks down the biggest threats to online safety for individuals and enterprises.

Michael Ohayon, President of Opti9, was beyond thrilled to be a part of this Digital Security campaign. With his vast experience in IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, Mr. Ohayon jumped at the opportunity to share his expertise on the topic with the world.

In this piece, Ohayon puts a strong emphasis on how digital technology is constantly changing at an incredibly fast pace. He notes that “As technology evolves, our cybersecurity methodologies must adapt to this ever-changing environment to prevent malware, ransomware, and other malicious activities from plaguing our systems.”

Ohayon advocates that an effective backup plan and disaster recovery strategy are both critical for protecting your business from debilitating cyberattacks. Moreover, he suggests that employing these strategies via software platforms or Cloud Service Providers can lighten up your IT department’s load:

“Utilizing software platforms and/or a cloud provider can help eliminate the aggravation of your organization having to worry about the ‘what ifs’ of your data, shifting accountability to someone who can make sure your data is always safe and available if you need it. This will not only help prevent a cyberattack, but will ensure you have reactive measures in place in the event that your preventive measures are exploited.”

Click here to read the full piece written by Michael Ohayon, The Digital Landscape Is Changing. Your Security Solutions Need to Keep Up, featured in Mediaplanet’s Digital Security campaign. Additionally, check out the Digital Security campaign in USA Today, or click here to view the full campaign online.

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