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Opti9 Announces Jovia Financial Credit Union as a New Client


GARDEN CITY, NY, January 7, 2020 – Opti9 (formerly "opti9") announces today that Jovia Financial Credit Union has selected Opti9 as its provider of choice for IT infrastructure solutions. Jovia Financial Credit Union, one of Long Island’s leading credit unions specializing in providing affordable banking services, has signed a 3-year contract to procure Opti9’s highly secure managed cloud and uptime solutions. This will include Dedicated Private Cloud, off-site Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

Jovia sought a provider that served not only as a vendor but as a partner, seeking a company with a highly skilled technical team that could act as an extension of Jovia’s internal IT team. Opti9’s unique ability to customize solutions for Jovia, support its current IT needs, and adapt as the credit union continues to grow were pivotal factors during the selection process.

“Part of being an innovative credit union is ensuring a resilient infrastructure that provides practically zero downtime for our members. Partnering with [Opti9] brings us closer to realizing this goal.”

– Dan Ford, Chief Information Officer, Jovia Financial Credit Union

Opti9’s Private Cloud, BaaS, and DRaaS solutions were carefully designed and architected by the Opti9 technical team to ensure that all of Jovia’s security, performance, and business requirements were comprehensively met. In addition to these solutions being specifically tailored to meet Jovia’s needs, these services also satisfy a wide range of compliance and certification requirements, including certifications that fall under the SOC 2 audit umbrella.

“We’re excited that we’re able to provide Jovia with custom-tailored uptime solutions that ensure superior protection for its most critical and sensitive data. Since [Opti9] has vast experience in customizing solutions for clients in the finance vertical, we leverage our insight, expertise, and resources to cater to all of Jovia’s needs. This will allow us to provide peace of mind to both Jovia and its customers, enabling them to feel reassured that their data will always remain safe.”

– Michael Ohayon, President, Opti9

Both Opti9 and Jovia share the same ideologies when it comes to serving their clients, ensuring that industry-leading service and support are at the forefront of their strategies. These shared business principles, paired with Opti9’s ability to offer individualized uptime solutions and world-class support for Jovia, will ultimately facilitate exceptional growth for both companies.

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