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Originally posted to Telecom Ramblings by Rob Powell,

Here are a few items of interest from the metro from the start of this week:

WANRack has won its first two K-12 deals in the state of Indiana.  The E-Rate specialist fiber builder and operator has built out networks for both the Whitley County Consolidated Schools in the northeastern part of the state and the Irvington Community School Districts near Indianapolis.  The buildout added 900 route miles to the company’s footprint, and brings potential bandwidth up to 10Gbps per site while lowering costs.

Opti9 has plans for an expansion out on Long Island.  The managed infrastructure provider is investing $20M in upgrades to its NY1 data center over the next four years.  The plans are empowered by tax incentives derived from their recent acceptance into the New York ESD program as well as an allocation of 1MW of low-cost hydropower.  In the works are additional generator, UPS, and HVAC equipment, 200 additional cabinets, a larger Meet-Me room, and improved backup and recovery options.

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