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How Software-Defined Interconnect Allows For Integration of Hybrid Cloud Services at the Edge [Video]


Today, enterprise organizations are realizing that there’s no single cloud or infrastructure platform that can meet the needs of all of their applications and use-cases. Instead, they’re looking to adopt a hybrid approach known as software-defined interconnectivity. Utilizing on-prem infrastructure, private cloud and public cloud, and SaaS, specific requirements of each application can improve latency at the edge.

Low Latency Connectivity at Your Fingertips

What some organizations don’t realize is that combining software-defined efforts can integrate their existing traditional IT footprint. Rather than hosting your cloud services miles away, edge computing draws cloud infrastructure closer to home using 5G and low-latency connectivity.

Hosted computing, storage, and network services work together to support information distribution in a unique way. Data is gathered at the edge, being consumed at minimal travel times as if they were part of the local infrastructure.

Edge Computing 101

Opti9 and PacketFabric teamed up for a webinar on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 1 PM EST to discuss the benefits of software-defined interconnectivity. During the webinar, our attendees gained insight into how organizations can leverage SDN fabrics (Software-Defined Network fabrics) and hosted cloud services to:

  • Integrate infrastructure services at the edge with their existing IT infrastructure to solve pain points previously not considered for “cloud”
  • Procure low-latency and privately connected services within the metro that can be delivered to look like part of a local IT stack
  • Replace all on-premises backup, hardware, and software with “as-a-Service” at the edge
  • Leverage software-defined interconnection to mitigate the painful challenges and costs related to traditional disaster recovery configurations

Learn more about the transformative world of edge-computing and how software-defined interconnectivity through the use of hybrid cloud services can advance your data support. Click the link below to send us a message, or give us a call at 1-866-Opti9-1 (1-866-932-2471).

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