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Forbes: Don’t Panic: Eight Strategies For Staying Calm When Your Technology Breaks


8 Great Solutions for When Technology Backfires.

Originally posted to Forbes by the Forbes Technology Council,

Technology can be unpredictable. Sometimes it doesn’t work as expected or it outright breaks, causing panic among your customers, workplace, or team.

To avoid this panic, having a contingency plan already in place and communicating clearly with your department will keep everyone calm and on track for getting things fixed. Below, eight technology executives from Forbes Technology Council share their best strategies for staying calm when it feels like everything is broken.

1. Prioritize 

When running a startup or a tech department, you have to be comfortable with the feeling that everything is in flux all the time. The only way to succeed in an environment such as this is to prioritize religiously. You can only really nail one or two things at any given moment, and you must make sure it is the absolute most important one or two things. – Danny BoiceTrustify

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