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Cybersecurity Awareness: A Few Simple Ways to Protect Your Business


Cybersecurity is easily one of the important topics given today’s digital landscape, so much so that there’s an entire month dedicated to it! October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so to help raise awareness, our team has put together a list of three very important topics in the cybersecurity world, and what steps you can take to avoid leaving your organization susceptible to cybersecurity issues.

Passwords: Sharing is NOT Caring and Strength Matters

One of the easiest ways to make yourself prone to cyberattacks is by sharing your passwords with others. While this seems like a pretty simple and avoidable action, according to ZDNet, over 20% of business leaders share their email passwords with assistants or co-workers. Keeping your password to yourself is one of the first rules of cybersecurity, and the fact is that individuals who should be leading by example are sharing their passwords. This sets an awful precedent for lower-level employees with regard to digital security, making you and your organization more susceptible to malicious attacks.

Password strength is also key for protecting your accounts. The longer your password is and the more unique it is, the less of a chance there is that a hacker will be able to guess your password. Be sure to avoid using any personal information that’s easily accessible to the public, such as your address or your birthday. Be sure that you also include variance in cases and symbols. It’s also imperative that you change your password on a regular basis.

Networks: Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi for Business

This may be an obvious one for those who work in the IT field, but for those who don’t, the danger may not be as apparent to you. Using business applications (or any application for that matter) on public Wi-Fi is leaves you vulnerable to a variety of cybersecurity issues. Public Wi-Fi networks can be set up by hackers to capture sensitive information from your organization, and public Wi-Fi networks can even facilitate the delivery of malware. In order to avoid this, if you have employees who travel a lot or work remote, setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the way to go.

Phishing Emails: Don’t Take The Bait

Many phishing emails look pretty authentic, but as you probably already know, they’re made to look that way. That’s how the hackers get you! But when you look deeper into the email, you’ll probably notice some things are off. As much as we hate to say it, these hackers are smart. They do their research. They know how to get you to take the bait.

To get you to open the emails, hackers try to make it look like the email is coming from someone in your organization such as your manager or the CEO of your company to get you to open the email, but the email address might be slightly off. These types of emails may contain links that look legitimate, but the hyperlinks will bring you to a different web address that will install malware on your computer. These are just a couple of things to look out for. The best way to try and avoid this is to make sure that you provide organization-wide training on what to look out for in a phishing email.

Cybersecurity: Awareness is Key

While there are countless cybersecurity threats to businesses and organizations, these are just a few of the biggest ones that stand out to us. When it comes to cybersecurity, the most important thing is awareness and diligence. In order to mitigate the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks, cybersecurity needs to remain top-of-mind at every level of your organization — from C-level execs down to entry-level employees.

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