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How a Cloud Management Platform like OptiXdashboard Streamlines Cloud Ops



While threats of ransomware make the headlines week after week, the ability to ensure the security of data remains top of mind for enterprise leaders in every industry. While many organizations are migrating to the cloud, comprehensive control and analysis remain a priority even after leaving behind on-premise storage. 

Opti9 presents the OptiXdashboard, an innovative hybrid cloud management tool and a single pane of glass platform that offers unparalleled insights and orchestration tools for public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. With the ability to view all of your cloud services in one place and complete customization capabilities, OptiXdashboard allows for seamless integration and a secure experience when it comes to comprehensive hybrid cloud management. 

How OptiXdashboard Works for You

The OptiXdashboard allows organizations to customize and control the value they receive from a

managed service offering, which is vital for organizations that need scalable backup. This includes the ability to dictate which alarms and events are impactful to their business and should be immediately routed to Opti9’s Network Operations Center (NOC), as opposed to those which should be sent to their own business units for further investigation.

Additionally, businesses can define per-service and per-cloud recovery point objectives (RPO) SLAs, technical contacts, and escalations. 

Forward-thinking leadership wields this cloud operations analysis to monitor the most urgent events in their data protection while allowing Opti9’s team of skilled experts to manage the events their team cannot. The ability to leverage a team outside of your organization gives back precious time and cost to your own internal teams, leaving them to better perform the functions that require their attention.

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Unparalleled Insights & Features

OptiXdashboard comes amassed with bespoke features for real-time visibility into your infrastructure. Such insight provides superior hybrid cloud management, like personalized user profiles, intricate security features, and sleek design. With 24/7 access and live chat support for your technical solutions, this platform provides unparalleled insights and orchestration tools for public, private, and hybrid infrastructures, including:

  • Managed services for all hybrid cloud components, including Amazon Web Services, private clouds, backups, disaster recovery, and ransomware detection
  • Managed security
  • Managed compliance
  • Governance and reporting

By leveraging these insights, organizations are able to better monitor their confidential data health in a way that ensures industry compliance and the highest level of infrastructure protection. 

Customized User Access & Security

Maintaining privacy and discretion with controlled user access and granular role-based access has become non-negotiable in this age of growing cyber threat. What’s more, giving your employees the comprehensive view necessary to execute their job functions means greater efficiency for the entire team. As such, the OptiXdashboard provides a customized view based on service subscriptions and need-to-know insights based on role and clearance.  

Users can even personalize their OptiXdashboard for each individual team member with designated privileges and settings. Through the highest level of security, our secure hybrid cloud management platform provides 2-factor authentication and the power to monitor your infrastructure all in one place. 

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Unmatched Visibility & Control

Comprehensive cloud operations management of your infrastructure requires customizable control. The single interface of the OptiXdashboard hybrid cloud management platform allows you to:

  • Refine and manage resources
  • Oversee all alerts, reporting, and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Streamline and consolidate security measures and networking across the hybrid cloud landscape

Gone are the days of painstakingly building analytic reports, only for them to be outdated moments later. The OptiXdashboard empowers users to stay proactive by showing real-time data, historical cloud usage data, and service-specific details to help better manage finances. This ensures all systems are delivered and secured in the same manner, all backed by Opti9’s managed service offerings. 

The OptiXdashboard provides unparalleled insights and orchestration tools for public, private, and hybrid infrastructures. Utilize the dashboard’s management and resilience capabilities and increase efficiency for the whole team.

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