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4 Advantages of Cloud Migration for Industrial IoT


Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) is revolutionizing the world of manufacturing. By connecting machines, plants, assets, and production lines to the cloud, businesses can gain access to critical data in real time, enabling them to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

However, this already stressful process requires a significant investment in IT infrastructure and resources—unless you opt for cloud migration. In hybrid cloud computing, businesses use a mixture of public and private cloud along with on-premises infrastructure, linking the two together through an encrypted connection that allows data to flow seamlessly between them. 

What can it do for industrial IoT in particular? Here are a few of the top benefits of cloud migration for your organization.

Scalability & Flexibility

Cloud-based systems are incredibly easy to scale up or down, depending on your needs. With the click of a button, you can add more computing power or storage capacity as needed without having to purchase another piece of hardware. Partnering with a cloud provider with data centers across the world means you’ll never sacrifice performance or connectivity in the name of control. 

This level of scalability provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to meeting changing market demands or adding new features quickly and easily without disrupting existing operations. Servers are live in a fraction of the time compared to purchasing and deploying servers on-premise. That ease means you’re faster to market and readily available for the communities and organizations who depend on you. 

IT resilience solutions like disaster recovery and backups-as-a-service (BaaS) make the process easier, more affordable, and improves reliability in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. As most cloud providers have redundancy built into their service, disaster recovery is a much quicker execution. This will ensure the security of your data in the cloud at a fraction of the cost compared to on-site storage. 

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Cost Savings

The traditional route of on-site storage forces you to establish more hardware than you need in the event that you may one day need to increase your storage space. By migrating your industrial IoT systems to the cloud, you can save on upfront costs associated with buying and setting up hardware and software but also never pay for storage you don’t need. 

On the other hand, the scalability of the cloud means you’ll never be caught off-guard in an unanticipated surge in growth or traffic. This better use of resources equates to a more efficient budget. Additionally, cloud computing eliminates the added expense of housing and maintaining your infrastructure on-premise. Since there’s no longer a need for in-house maintenance or upgrades, you no longer have to invest in IT staff. All these factors contribute towards significant cost savings over time.

Increased Security

Despite what some may believe, the cloud can actually be more secure than storing data on-premise. By embracing the cloud, companies can benefit from enhanced data security capabilities such as authentication and authentication enforcement, data loss prevention technologies, and encryption of both data in transit and at rest. 

On top of the built-in security, partnering with any reputable cloud service provider means continuous performance improvement as their infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest high-performing technologies. With the recent increase in costly ransomware attacks, gain peace of mind that their data is consistently protected by the most effective security measures available at any given time. 

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Improved Performance & Efficiency

One benefit many people overlook when it comes to cloud migration is improved performance and efficiency. By moving all data processing offsite, companies can free up valuable resources at their own facilities, which can then be used for other tasks such as research and development or customer service. 

Additionally, having all data stored in one place makes it easier for employees across multiple locations to collaborate on projects quickly and efficiently without having multiple copies floating around on various hard drives or desktops. And with improved performance come increased profits—always a good thing!

What Comes Next?

Moving your industrial IoT systems to the cloud has numerous benefits that cannot be ignored if you want your business to remain competitive in today’s digital age. From cost savings on hardware purchases and upgrades all the way through improved efficiency and performance—the advantages are clear.

No matter where you are in your implementation, the next phase of your cloud journey is working with a trusted provider. Opti9 is committed to providing customers with high-quality, fully-managed cloud and infrastructure services that are tailored to suit their individual needs. For backup, disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud services for industrial IoT, contact Opti9 to get started today.

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