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Opti9 Announces AWS EMP Certification to Better Support Migrations


Opti9 is thrilled to announce our AWS End-of-Support Migration for Windows Server (EMP) certification!

Many organizations struggle with migrating their legacy applications due to their tight dependencies on older, unsupported operating systems (OS), limited in-house expertise, and missing access to installation media or source code.

Extending support for these outdated applications doesn’t resolve the inevitable end of support problem; it delays the inevitable. To overcome these challenges, AWS offers the EMP.

Big News: The @Opti9 team has a new #AWScertification to better support our clients’ #applicationmigration. See the full announcement here: Click To Tweet

Paving the Way For a Faster, Seamless Migration

EMP for Windows Server is a valuable tool that supports our ability to help customers modernize and migrate legacy applications to AWS. Our deep level of experience in Application Modernization, our AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency, and now, our EMP Certification combine to make us an ideal partner for customers looking to move quickly and efficiently to AWS.

Key Benefits for Our Clients:

Future-proofed legacy applications

Safeguard your applications from periodic end of support events. When an end of support event occurs, our clients can run applications on the latest supported version of Windows Server without code changes.

Reduced risk

With the latest patches and security updates, your applications are protected against vulnerabilities of older operating systems.

Reduced cost & complexity

No need for costly refactoring during migration to ensure compatibility with a new version of Windows Server.

Support for a wide range of applications

EMP for Windows Server supports even your most complex applications with dependencies on older operating systems, regardless of installation media or code.

With the AWS End-of-Support Migration for Windows Server (EMP), we are pleased to be further committed to our customers’ success by developing and integrating better technical capabilities into our migration offers. For more information on EMP, click here. To leverage our EMP certification for your migration, reach out for a consultation!

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